Sunshine Invitational

The Sunshine Invitational Skating Competition is held annually in July at the Mentor Civic Arena. Save the Date: July 14-16, 2023.

Download this year’s announcement. The deadline to enter is 11:59pm June 20, 2023.

Malia Harwood

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Each year, the Mentor FSC presents the Linda & Henry Brown Honorary Award to the winner of the Juvenile Ladies Freestyle event at the Sunshine Invitational.


Past Recipients

2021 Winner Natalie Demarest

2021 Natalie Demarest Brooklyn Figure Skating Club
2019 Mary Best Mentor Figure Skating Club
2018 Claire Kroell Colorado Skating Club
2017 Jamie McSweeney Pavilion Skating Club
2016 Hailey Blodgett Charter Oak Figure Skating Club
2015 Kelsey Menshon Amherst Skating Club
2014 Sydney Marksberry Kent Skating Club
2013 Helena Golden Strongsville Skating Club
2012 Tori Bennett Mentor Figure Skating Club
2011 Christina Rackley Shaker Figure Skating Club
2010 Heather Kaickhoff Mentor Figure Skating Club
2009 Emily Beckman SC of Western New York
2008 Lexi Petkovic Pavilion Skating Club
2007 Katie McBeath Garfield Figure Skating Club
2006 Kelly Carnahan Strongsville Skating Club
2005 Jennifer Cardellini Shaker Figure Skating Club
2004 Megan Sulc Shaker Figure Skating Club
2003 Kaitlyn Scholtz Winterhurst Figure Skating Club
2002 Graziella Tasca Mentor Figure Skating Club


Linda and Henry Brown joined the MFSC in 1985, when their daughter Leslie began skating. Since that time, they have contributed countless hours of hard work and dedication to our club. Linda has been the MFSC delegate to Cleveland Council for 16 years. She was a board member of the MFSC from 1987 to 1997, during which time she served as President in 1994, Treasurer for 3 years and Secretary. In 1989, Linda co-chaired along with Linda Silokowski, our very first ice show. Her ongoing dedication continued as she was chairman of Tri-States Championships in 1991and 1997, of Cleveland Invitational Championships in 1994, and our annual Sunshine Competition in 1992 and 1993.

Linda has been our elected delegate to represent our club at several National Governing Council Meetings for the USFSA. Although Henry never held an “official” position with the club, he was always known as her “shadow” so to speak. Henry dedicated thousands of volunteer hours wherever he was needed. Erection of parade floats, stage and scenery construction for the ice shows, accounting tabulating for our annual competitions, and fundraising, to name a few. If Linda was involved, Henry was always right behind her, offering up his services to whatever needed to be done.